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from raw material to finished product with efficiency and reliability

Processing plants:
  Automatic line
Short cut pasta
  Automatic line
S Class Short cut pasta
  Automatic line
“S Plus” Class Instant and short cut pasta
  Automatic line
Long cut Pasta
  Automatic line
Single Tier Long cut Pasta
  Automatic line
  Linea automatica
Pasta Lunga 5p300C

Anselmo Impianti S.r.l.

Registered office: Via della Zecca, 1 - 40121 BOLOGNA (BO) - ITALY
Administrative and operational headquarter: Via Fossano, 33 - 12041 BENE VAGIENNA (CN) - ITALY
VAT 03613061203 - phone +39 0172 654755 - fax +39 0172 654811
e-mail: - PEC:
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